Electrical Tools (MS Excel Spreadsheets)

This section is dedicated to tools every electrical engineer can use in daily work. These spreadsheets below will make your job much more easier, allowing you to shorten the time used for endless calculations of cables, voltage drop, various sections of circuit breakers, capacitors, cable size and so on.

Most of spreadsheets are developed by two electrical engineers and programmers mr. Jignesh Parmar and mr. Hemant Kashikar. They all really did an awsome job, you must admit.

Just to mention that all calculation spreadsheets are free for download!

Electrical calculations (MS Excel Spreadsheets)

Electrical calculations (MS Excel Spreadsheets) Download
Motor Starting Calculation Spreadsheet (by Hemant Kashikar) 
Cable Designing Program 
Calculate Home Electrical Load & Electrical Bill 
Calculate Bus Bar Size and Voltage Drop 
Calculate Electrical Load and Energy Consumption of Panel 
Calculate Electrical Load of Panel 
Calculate Insulation Resistance Value 
Calculate Number of Lighting Fittings and Lumen Output 
Calculate Size of Battery Bank and Inverter 
Calculate Size of Solar Panel, Battery Bank and Inverter 
Circuit Breaker Tripping Settings 
Conduit Size Selection Program 
Design of Earthing Mat for Sub-Station 
Selection of MCCB, ELCB For Main-Branch Circuit 
Selection of fuse and setting of instant short circuit tripping of CB 
Short Circuit Current Calculation at Various Point of Electrical Circuits (Isc) 
Size of Capacitor For Power Factor Improvements 
Fault Current Calculation 
Electrical Safety Program Arc Flash Calculator
E-Feeder and Cable Calculator
SquareD – Selecting capacitor size
Voltage Drop Calculator – Albany Technical College
Cable size calculations based on motor horse power (HP) and specified current
Voltage Regulation Percentage of Small Distribution Line
Calculate size of air conditioning for room
Residential Load Calculations
Pump Efficiency Calculation Tool
Transformer Fault Current Calculation
Powerline Voltage Drop Calculation 
Power Factor Correction Calculation 
Calculation of Touch Voltage and Ground Current 
IDMT (Inverse Definite Minimum Time) Relay Calculation 
Calculate Size of Diesel Generator 
Electrical Pole’s Trasverse Load Calculation  
Electrical Engineering General Formulas 
CO2 Savings Calculator 
Available Fault Current Selective Coordination
Power Factor Table Calculator 
NEMA Motor Data Calculator 
Estimated Voltage Drop Calculator 
IEC Motor Data Calculator 
Calculation of Size of Transformer, Fuse and Circuit Breaker 
Calculate Size Of DOL and Star-Delta Starter Components  
Calculate size of transformer and voltage due to starting of large size motor 
Power Quality Solution Selection Spreadsheet 
Spreadsheet For Calculating Size Of Motor Pump 
Spreadsheet For Calculation The Required Number Of fixtures And Illuminance Level 
Lightning Protection Risk Assessment Calculator/Spreadsheet
Load Listing, Calculations and Generator Sizing Spreadsheet
Spreadsheet for Transformer Losses Calculation
Motor Voltage Drop Calculator (Spreadsheet) 
Spreadsheet to calculate the size of neutral earthing transformer 
Spreadsheet to Calculate Short Circuit Capacity of Diesel Generator Synchronizing Panel 
Power factor correction calculations for power system  
Distribution Transformer Calculations  


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